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The Finnish Continuation War (1941 - 1944)

Photos courtesy of SA-Kuva

Prison queue on Hämeenkatu in Tampere after the occupation of the city

This soldier has definitely watched The Patriot before

2.JPr/6. of the battalion/3. company at the award ceremony

Leväaho and Kolehmainen try to get the captured Russian tank running

62-year-old American-Finnish volunteer soldier Hyvönen leaving for the front

Finnish soldiers posing for the camera in Säkkijärvi

The mortar is directed. Staged!

The Lahti has splattered dirt and soot

A Finnish soldier with his captured JoK near the Russian dugout

Finnish soldier with PE sniper without the scope

The moose in Vyborg is still in place

Forward guard. Sons of Kotka and Viipur

Letters arrive on the firing lines, a captured cannon in the background

Räisälä church after the occupation

A man with a beard shot a machine gun down from a tree two feet away

Destroyed tank at Suojoki

Examining a fallen enemy at Rautalahti

Dry your feet and move on again

Finnish soldier with newly captured PE sniper rifle

5 Russians surrender. Left corporal Hautalamimi, right Hermanni Pihlajamäki

Finnish soldier is inspecting a recently captured Tula PEM sniper rifle

Finnish soldier shakes Lenin's hand

Finnish soldier inspects captured Tula PEM sniper rifle

Finnish soldiers resting after the battle ends in the village of Hallapära

Vanguards waiting for the order to advance at the capture of Kiviniemi

Finnish soldiers waiting on the shore

Lapatossu leaving for the Muurmanni beach road

Train locomotives bombed by Stukas on the Kiesting and Louhe track

Finnish troops during an honors ceremony

This is how the track breaker has operated northeast of Sortavala

A wounded soldier is met at the door and given food

The Lahti anti-tank rifle is a solemn-looking contraption on the shoulder of the boys pushing the footbridge

After the fight, the weapons are cleaned

The cannon is removed from the carriage and quickly taken to the stations

Spoils of war in Ontrosenvaara

The theodolite is set in place for the pilot ball observations

A stench the nose cannot stand

A moment before the attack at Heylä station at 15:00

Mannerheim receives the guard announcement

Wünsche joins the battle with a Finnish M39 "pystykorvalla"

The TST dispatcher gives an order

Spoils of war in Helylä

Lieutenant Raivola leads the attack from the north from his command post

Finnish soldiers transporting grain using a sled

JP1's radio station during the battle at Ristisalmi

Finns & Germans burning Russian propaganda

Rifle cleaning

The ferry is ready to cross the strait

Molotov's picture is being studied

PST gun being pulled into position

Finnish soldiers riding a T-20

A sleeping soldier in the village of Pajari

Looking for mines

Gun repair shop men at work in the Repola garrison building

An armored train, spotter on the roof

"forest suits" received from Ryss in Finnish use

Transportation to the front line

Battalion commander, Captain Hänninen (JR 57) at his command post

The patrol negotiates and agrees on the sign before crossing the border

Photo of the gunner Rätö and his interview

Two Finnish bridge guards during 1941

"Iivana" has had a rough time

Ruined M91, but the owner was unharmed

Men rush into positions

The landing of the gunboat sailors and the motes on the shore of Lunkula, spoils of war

LS-26 Ammo Bearer

A pioneer group on terrain reconnaissance

A moment of rest

A cobbler in the army

Artillery fire director, photographers and riflemen in the front line

Captain Korhonen in front of the tent

Training young people to be soldiers

Training young people to be soldiers

Looking for paratroopers in Kirkkonummi

Loading an anti-tank gun

Pekka Tiilikainen interviews

After the speech, the rifle is scattered and the face is sad

Kk Maxim machine gun in the outpost

The company commander negotiates with the chief fire chief

Carrying heavy mortar shells on men's shoulders

Young people are being trained as riflemen

In Tolvajärvi, the frontline men spend a little time before the start of the hard battle

Finnish outpost

Commander Major Lundtröm inspects the outpost

Finnish soldiers soaking in the view

Spoils of war east of Omelia

Writing a letter to home

Spoils of war

Finnish soldiers ready for a fight

The regiment's interpreter, non-commissioned officer Lustig, calls out over the channel to the regiment to surrender

Soldier with M27/rv at the field post

A Finnish top patrol in the Vuonninen front area having a meal

Destroyed Soviet T-20

KK Maxim on the front lines

Minefield clearance

Troops on the way, Vasonvaara

Finnish PST cannon in action

"Taupakkatauko" on the Kivijoki bridge

The attack has stopped for a moment

Intelligence Department Perttuli's second team

Finnish soldiers familiarizing themselves with the declaration

Company Reiska/18 D Finnish tent

Tobacco is distributed to the troops

81 Krh fires directly at enemy settlements

Transporting the wounded in the forest

Impressing the ladies with a Finnish M91

Kk Company with Boys Anti-Tank Rifle

Tired jaegers

A cat was found among all the dust

2 captured Soviets are brought from Ristilahti moti

Finnish soldier preparing to advance with his M27

Finnish officers at Repola

Capture of the bunker of the Pioneer strike group. Taking over the bunker!

Finnish soldier with heavy barreled Mosin & feldspaten

Ambulances in Kivivaara are put in an air shelter

Finnish security guard at the border in Kivivaara

The staff moves closer to the firing lines

Lost in the previous war, now recaptured

In the trench waiting for a new order!

Mortar company crawling during training

Mortar company training march

Patrol Metsäkylä (JR 50)

Finnish cavalry troops on the way to Ilomantsi #2

Finnish cavalry on the way to Ilomantsi

Satakunta relay battalion's meal break

General Siilasvuo meets the first wounded soldier during the Continuation War

Finnish soldier with 91/30 rifle headed to the front

Three Finnish soldiers with M91 rifles headed to the front

Finnish troops preparing for a night patrol

The first spoils of the Continuation War

Finnish soldiers chatting with an old timer

A Karelian mother with her children. 10 boys, 7 girls

Finnish soldier with M28/30 studies his map

General Siilasvuo Rattei (Oinonen, Schreck)

Staff scribe

Unto Seppänen cleans his M29/30 rifle

Limit crossed

Border guards after the battle at the barbed wire fence

Major Valla in his home

Troops on the march on Sulkava road near Savonlinna

The big ski competitions in southern Syväri

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