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The Finnish Winter War (1939 - 1940)

Photos courtesy of SA-Kuva

Return of Finnish troops to Petsamo. Camp chores

Finnish soldiers share cigarettes with Soviet POWs

Troops on the way to 10/ERP Öllölä

10/ERP soldier with M91 skiing at Öllölä

10/ERP on march break from Omevanjoki road junction 1 km to Öllölä

10/ERP on a march break at the Omevanjoki road junction

10/ERP Ski Troopers on the march to Öllölä

10/ERP on the way to Öllölä

The troops board the train at Käkisalmi station

Kyrönsalmi bridge guard

4/KTR 8's fire line in action in Kiviniemi, Sakkolan

Reindeer patrol in Jäniskoski

III AK region. 6/II/JR 19 chief res.ltn.

Spoils of war. Quick rifle ahkio in Kuhmo

Finnish troops on leave in Helsinki

Silvo's patrol from Sassali is just on its way

The base in Telkä has just finished exchanging shots

Finnish soldier looking through trench shield

Cutting out the inside of a Mosin stock

Counterboring a M91 at an armory

10/ERP in Tolvajärvi by Omevanjoki

Evacuation in Värtsilä

Warrior type in Kollaanjoki I/JR.

Watchman and lieutenant in Kollaa

In front of the Ministry of Defense. Air alert

Replenishment forces at Kuhmo's Saunajärvi

Harlu JP.I.

Finnish ski trooper in shooting position

Head of the radio group

A hillock in the Nautsi region

Ryssie's protective shield in Linnasaari, Vyborg (back)

Ryssie's protective shield in Linnasaari, Vyborg (front)

Finnish soldiers handling unexploded bomb

The barracks of the advance guard in Märkäjärvi

Finnish ski patrol in Märkäjärvi

Finnish soldier looking onward

Finnish soldier examining captured PE sniper rifle

The namesake's house destroyed in the Heinola bombings

Destroyed cars and seized weapons on Tenhamonmäki

Captured Soviet weapons during the Winter War

The entrance to the Pioneer dugout in Saarijoki

Finnish patrol with FN Model D

Destroyed assault vehicle approximately 4 km north of Lemetti

The closing parade of the Isthmus military exercises in Vyborg

Horse patrol in Uusellakirko

Finnish mortar crew in Taipale

Finnish anti-tank crew with captured gun

Security guard in Helsinki

3 lost soldiers returned to the front

Kiantajärvi during the chase. Right. T. Murama and M. Koskinen

Rack of M27 rifles during 1939

Right after the battle stopped, the base in Telkä

Finnish troops waiting during the Winter War

Finnish radio troops

Simo Häyhä in 1940

Finnish soldier guarding captured Soviet quad machine gun

Artillery at Lemetti

Piles of captured 91/30 rifles

An anti-tank gun from a destroyed enemy column approx. 4 km north of Lemet

Finnish soldier in snowsuit

Destroyed Soviet tank at Ruhtinaanmäki

A moment of rest during the battle on the front lines in Kollaanjoki

A radio car charging its batteries in the direction of Loimola

Finnish migrants on a train

Surrendering Soviet soldier

Finnish soldiers testing gas masks

Finnish soldier with captured PE sniper rifle

Res.ltn. Toiviainen 5/JR.34 from the forest battle of Artohuhta

At Suistamo on the third day of the Winter War

Tyk. K/JR 11. Johannes-Keskijärvi

Finnish crew in a camouflaged IT battery in Herttoniemessä

Finnish cavalry troops on the way to Uudellakirkolla

Finnish Ski Patrol

Typical Finnish night patrolmen

Finnish Message Dogs

Finnish Cavalry

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