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Russian soldiers moving the airship "Kondor"

The airship "KONDOR" (Clement Bayard N ° 5) was acquired from France in 1913 simultaneously with the airship "ASTRA" (Astra-XIII).

"KONDOR" was assigned to the 2nd aeronautical company in Brest-Litovsk. Soon the airship was transferred to Lviv and was used when attempting to bomb the fortress of Przemysl. The commander of the airship was appointed Oppman Eugene Maximilianovich. The task was not carried out because of low flying data airship "KONDOR".

In the summer of 1915, the Germans began to use fighter planes with incendiary bullets and antiaircraft artillery against airships and the use of airships in the war ceases.
The 6th Aviation Military Group in Lemberg. 1915

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