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Russian M91

The M1891 Mosin Nagant is the most ubiquitous and under appreciated Mosin variant. As the standard isssue rifle of the Russian Empire during the first world war, much less people are aware of this variant than its updated relative, the 91/30.

There are many rare and interesting markings that can be found on the Mosin Nagant, many of which can be found on the markings page, and the majority of these are found on the M91 rifle, since it was used by countless countries during world war one alone. These rifles were sighting in with the bayonet attached, which is why you so often see pictures of this rifle with the bayonet.

Suomen Armeija

The majority of these rifles were purchased by Finland after WW1, and most of these rifles that are found today have a 'SA' Finnish army property marking stamped somewhere on the barrel

Russian M91

Photos featuring this model:

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