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The 1907 carbine is one of the rarest Mosin Nagant variants. This particular rifle is in the wrong stock, it is in a 1894 Chatellerault M91 stock which has been cut down. They were produced exclusively by the Izhevsk factory from 1908 to at least 1913, and it was adopted in response to the findings during the Russo-Japanese War that the Russian army needed compact carbines for mobile troops such as machine gun crews.

The rear sight calibrated for the spitzer cartridge is graduated up to 2000 arshin

Several sources state that over 300,000 of these rifles were produced, but the scarity of these rifles, even by the end of WW1, brings that number into question. Finland only had around 50 of these rifles by the end of WW2, and reports state that the vast majority of those were made in either 1912 or 1913

1907 Carbine

Photos featuring this model:

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