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Landsturm - 1915


Oct 13, 1915

[Left field:]
October 13[, 1915] Dear Ella!
I received Your
dear letter from the 9th of a[ugust?] and
hope that You received a letter from me in the meantime, in which I already told, that
I received the box,
the both (?) Postcards will receive today.
Please don’t send me anymore sausages,
here we get some delivered from the
company (?). Letter follows.


Send(er:) Sol(dier) C. Linke

L(an)dst(urm) Inf(antery) Bat(tallion)
Auerbach XIX/19 2nd Comp(any)
3rd Army 3rd Div(ision)

[In the adress field:]
Field postcard

Ella Linke
Ranstädter Steinweg
[No.] 20.II


[???] our guard command unit.
My picture follows shortly.

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