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German soldiers from Landsturm 1st Company - 1916

Charleroi, Belgium

Nov 3, 1916

Right part of the postcard, in the address field:
In memory
of the wartime
on guard 7 of the 1st comp(any)
of the Landsturm Inf(antry) Bat(talion)
„Freiberg“ XII(th corps of the army) 6(th battalion)
on post 3 of the route
Charleroy – Namur
on the 3rd of november 1916 2 at p.m.

On the left part:
Floreffe, 15th of November 1916
Dear August!
`Got Your dear letter of 25 (crossed out) 3rd November
and was very happy about it. It furthermore makes me happy(,) that You are still safe and sound and (I)
can tell You the same. How nice would it have been(,) if there was no war and we had been celebrating Your silver wedding together(,) but unfortunately not even I was there (??? The last part of the sentence does not make sense to me, even though I’m quite sure about the words).
Hopefully You visit us after the war, if we stay sound. My cold has gone, then You got that mess with Your teeth, too. Enclosed a picture postcard as a keepsake. I stand completely oblique. That’s because of the ground.
Now fare well, stay sound (,) with heartly regards Your nephew Karl
[Last line, written in another typeface:] Is the war still not done soon?
[On the upper part of the postcard, in an 90 degree angle to the text:]
You had forgotten the companies number,
therefor Your letter came with delay.
[Same spot, but starting on the left corner of the card:]
Will You find me then? My face soon looks like Lina`s, doesn`t it?

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